Why Not Style?

By Carla Delgado Grippa… My relationship with clothes, shoes, and fashion in general has evolved with time. It all started with a desire to fit in. When I was younger, my outfit decisions were based on what I thought would be deemed “cool” among my peers. I wish I could say that I was truly confident in myself and my appearance from an early age. But, seldom did I believe that my outfit was a “hit”. It was a struggle, and in the best “fake it ’til you make it”

Welcome, Carla!

2017 has been filled with exciting new adventures at Why Style. We’ve grown, exploring new trends, meeting new clients, and most recently, with the addition of our new stylist, Carla Delgado.    Carla, originally from Caracas, Venezuela, joins the team with an impeccable eye for style and a propensity for breaking all of fashion’s notorious rules. She credits the women in her family, particularly her mother, grandmother, and aunts, for her distinct and inventive eye. Learning from them as they re-created their favorite styles with their own hands, Carla now

Step into the future this fall and sparkle. Mix your metals, spice up your sequin game, and have fun with this fun, electric trend. If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of wearing a sequin head-to-toe look, consider entering the trend through accessories. You can also incorporate slightly more subdued sparkling tops with a pair of jeans and black pants to keep it sleek and simple. If you’re ready to fully embrace this futuristic trend, consider dresses or full on pantsuits with sequins of different shapes and sizes. With a trend

One of my personal favorite trends of the season also happens to be the most complex. Not because it’s difficult to put together, but because it can be whatever you want. It’s all about making you feel empowered by your style. Mix and match your favorite prints, tees, and styles for the perfect bohemian look. This is your opportunity to play with textures, patterns, and colors. With this free spirited trend, designers satirize how serious fashion has become. This is fun, all about you, and breaks all those fashion “rules”

Get ready for some major mixing. One of the season’s hottest trends is mirroring. This is a great opportunity to be creative and combine items that you never imagined wearing together. Pro tip: For such a loud, electric style, it’s important to find balance so that you don’t lose your shoulders, waist, or legline. Make styling decisions like tucking in your shirt or choosing a shorter hemline for your dress so you don’t lose yourself in this exciting, but at times overwhelming trend. Watch the video for mirror styling tips

Suit up in your own style this season. Designers have broken down the traditional idea of the pantsuit and added their own twists to the trend. With these awesome new styles, you can forget the boardroom, and wear this look anywhere, to brunch, to a glitzy party, or at the office if you choose. Watch the video below for a few chic and unexpected pantsuit looks that will be sure to work with you, your style, and your personality.

Fall Trend Preview 2017

Throw away your fashion rule book and jump head first into this season’s adventurous, playful and downright liberating ensembles. Fall is the perfect time to reinvent your style, reimagine fashion altogether, and try out pieces that you never thought you could. In order to inspire your style transformation quest, I’ve put together a few videos, featuring this season’s hottest and most exciting trends. Take a look and get excited to mix up your style.          

Summer is quickly coming to an end. Although the weather will be warm in September—and onwards in Florida, there are a few things we tend to stop wearing post Labor Day Weekend. With that in mind, it’s time to live it up this weekend as you enjoy one of your last opportunities for travel this summer. Before you pack your things, check out these five summery looks and even more here for your Labor Day adventure. European Cruise: Strolling along the Mediterranean might be one of the best ways to

As major celebrities, models and influencers, like Taylor Swift, Emily Ratajkowski, and Kylie Jenner, have shared their beach vacation selfies in their favorite one pieces, searches for and purchases of one-pieces have increased dramatically in the last year. Unlike some other crazy trends we’ve seen, this is one we can get behind. After all, It’s the most flattering swimsuit style for all ages — and can even be sexier than a bikini. Read on below to learn about the most appropriate styles for your age and take a look at

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