A Summertime Cool Down in Style

Summertime. There’s nothing quite like gorgeous sunsets, waves crashing, and those pesky beads of sweat dripping down your back. Oh — and yes that’s right — all the way down your legs. As I said, nothing quite like it.

Unfortunately, I’m not mother nature so I won’t be bringing snow to South Florida anytime soon. But, I am a stylist, and I can share a few tips with you to make your summertime wardrobe a little more fun and a little less cumbersome.

  1. While we all may wish for a posse of men from ancient times to follow us around while swaying palm fronds for cool air, we must keep our own reality in mind and accept the fact that we are suffering through this heat by ourselves. To conquer the heat solo, I highly suggest wearing easy, breathable fabrics. Think linen, silk, etc. When wearing these, you might just avoid that all too familiar back sweat. It’s the little wins.
  2. Statement earrings might not reduce the temperature your body is feeling, but they might brighten your spirit in 100 degree heat. You’ll be surprised at just how much a happier disposition can help change your outlook and dare I say your temperature perception.
  3. Think smarter with your silhouettes. Just like breathable fabrics, flowy pieces will cool you down as temperatures reach new heights. They’ll sway with you as you walk and not cling to you like a tight dress. As much as you may love your high-waisted jeans that cinch your waist in tight, consider flowier one-pieces like jumpsuits and breezy short dresses.
  4. Always be prepared with a bag of goodies to help you beat the heat. Oil blotting pads will keep your complexion shine-free while a bottle of Evian spray will cool you down.

For all the details, take a look at my style board here with beautifully flowing dresses, statement earrings, and plenty more to keep you chic and cool this summer.

As always, should you need any help finding the perfect look to battle the heat, take a look at my Styling Menu to see what service might be right for you.

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