Why Not Style?

By Carla Delgado Grippa…

My relationship with clothes, shoes, and fashion in general has evolved with time.

It all started with a desire to fit in. When I was younger, my outfit decisions were based on what I thought would be deemed “cool” among my peers. I wish I could say that I was truly confident in myself and my appearance from an early age. But, seldom did I believe that my outfit was a “hit”. It was a struggle, and in the best “fake it ’til you make it” fashion I kept on experimenting, chasing that elusive goal to “be cool”.

In college, I transitioned my style and found a new goal: “being different”. Those were fun times. I wish I had documented some of my outfits, most of them worthy of my mom’s famous question that was never really a question: “Is that what you are wearing?”

My style evolved again when I became a mother. Pragmatism and value then entered the equation, but still I never sacrificed style.

Somewhere along the way I realized that I had acquired my own style and given up on the need for praise. I no longer had the mental space to worry about being cool or standing out. I was a mom. There were suddenly so many variables to coordinate that required comfortable, transitional, easy-care, avant-garde, and most importantly — under budget clothing.

It all made sense now. My style was about me, not about the clothes. It told my story, and I learned to read stories on people all around me.

There is no limit to what we can showcase about ourselves through our style. At the Golden Globes, celebrities opted for a blackout in support of what they believe in while a handful of others chose to wear a different color, celebrating their individuality, not necessarily opposing those in black. On the red carpet at the Grammy’s, a white rose was the accessory of choice — less controversial.

Fashion with a purpose. Style with a purpose.

Let us get to know you through your unique style. #WhyNot?

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