About Our Stylists

Sarah LaMont | Founder | Senior Stylist

When I graduated college with a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Washington I had a hard time finding a job in my field, that is when I secured a second job at Nordstrom in Downtown Seattle as a Salesperson in the Women’s Petite Department.

Admittedly, I didn’t think it was a real job… on my very first day I tended to a 5 feet tall woman who was overwhelmed trying to find something memorable to wear to her son’s wedding. By the end of the day, not only had we found something that made her feel beautiful but had accomplished the same challenge for her husband. They were so happy I remember them tipping me $100 and told me to use it to buy myself a bottle of vodka because “I deserved it”!

This experience was eye opening to me… I always loved getting dressed and saw it as a way to express who I was and how I wanted people to see me; I cared more about body shape and proportion and how fashion could be incorporated into your every day lifestyle. While working at Nordstrom I encountered people who didn’t see getting dressed as a creative expression but as a stressful hassle… and I wanted to help.

I do what I love: Styling for both men and women, not just for special occasions and events, but for their Saturday mornings and casual evenings with their family and friends. I believe style should be part of your every day life and doesn’t have to be full of rules and “dry clean only” labels. I started this business so that I can help each one of my clients find function and creativity in their existing closets and never feel embarrassed to bump into people they know while out doing errands again.

Why style?… Why not!

Erica Thebaud | Junior Stylist

My love of fashion started at a young age. An outfit could make or break a day for me and I learned (through trial and error) what I liked and felt good in.

My first job in fashion was at Nordstrom in the Women’s Designer Department. I worked there while getting my associates in communication from Florida Gulf Coast University and thrived. I learned quickly, made lasting relationships with awesome clients, and was selected to be a personal stylist. I felt passionate about my job and realized just how much I loved the art of style and fashion.

When I joined Why Style I was given the opportunity to elevate my career, continue to help my loyal clients and further grow my personal styling business. The idea of expressing oneself through clothing is thrilling to me and I want to help educate my clients so that they can feel empowered in that too. Why Style doesn’t just focus on trend and shopping, but helps create unique and functional wardrobes for each individual client so that they can put their best foot forward… that is WHY we Style!