Humans connecting: Taking the time to go beyond the expected greeting and salutations, move past the first impression. Sabrina Brunton has been the subject of this storytelling once already. A relationship that begun on a photo studio and continued in the open air of a coffee shop and random local encounters.

Each one of those instances revealing one more layer of the wonder family Sabrina comes from: a seamless blend of a North American power house mom and an ever present gentle New Zealander dad. Molly and Zoe complete the trio of the Brunton sisters.

A fashion model, a horseback rider and a soccer player. Their big heart binds them together, a sisterly bond innately strong that became crystal clear during the photo session Why Style hosted. Experimenting with a stark white ensemble, a tribute to the 80’s and an all black trio, their camaraderie shines through in every shot.

The Bruton sisters have been blessed with genes that demand your attention. Set them free with a fun task and the results are magical. The simplicity and playfulness of the white set and bright red lips was enhanced by the challenge to choose between hear no evil, see no evil or speak no evil. They couldn’t communicate with each other and at the count of three they had to choose. Each one of them chose something different and the laughter when they realized it was unforgettable.

Playfulness was never in shortage while wearing their 80’s homage outfit, regardless of their birthdate they could truly appreciate the aesthetics of the look. Transitioning to the black set, a different side of their relationship came to the forefront: intimate comfort and support.

Three sisters supporting each other. Three different personalities that complement one another. They refer to themselves as aliens. Instead, they are phenomenal human beings choosing to be kind and supportive every day.

The Brunton Sisters are one of a kind through Why Style eyes…


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