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It’s time to tackle our Spring Cleaning and start updating our wardrobe for the hot days of summer ahead! There are some exciting new movements this season like the political upcycling of designers, bold new shapes in shorts and textures that will make Coachella blush… Have fun looking through my take on our trends for Spring and how we can mold our existing closets into some fresh new looks…  

Star Power

It is a wonderful honor to be in the presence of Courtney Armen. A self proclaimed quirky soul, she exudes magnetism, kindness and a lot of fun. A Naples resident for the last 12 years, Courtney grew up in Northern Virginia with a mother that would turn Christmas into a magical occasion. Whether they would decorate the tree while having a pizza party or sing carols in candle lights around the yule log, those are her favorite memories and traditions that still carries with her wherever she goes. The love


Humans connecting: Taking the time to go beyond the expected greeting and salutations, move past the first impression. Sabrina Brunton has been the subject of this storytelling once already. A relationship that begun on a photo studio and continued in the open air of a coffee shop and random local encounters. Each one of those instances revealing one more layer of the wonder family Sabrina comes from: a seamless blend of a North American power house mom and an ever present gentle New Zealander dad. Molly and Zoe complete the


Become knowledgeable on the upcoming trends. Rejoice in Sarah’s expertise. Sit back and enjoy WhyStyle Trend Videos. Sequins and Metallic… click and be in the know Winter Florals…check it out Python!…why not Outerwear for cooler weather… Patterns: Tweeds, Checks and Houndstooth…

Because of the Art

Many assumptions surround the act of posing in front of a camera lens. Modeling is often seen as “a world” instead of one of many professions to choose from. Even though it responds to the basic variables of any other paid occupation: the balance and congruency of nurture and nature. The attributes and talents with which individuals are born and the effort invested in honing those birth-given skills. What may cause the confusion is the public nature of the occupation, the pursuit of the beauty standard “du jour”. It is

Step Outside the Box

A self proclaimed tomboy, Elvia plays it safe when it comes to choosing an outfit, mainly in terms of colors and prints. She has no issue in accentuating her best physical attributes, result of her hard work and dedication to fitness. The challenge becomes to step out of her monochromatic box. We pushed the envelope by introducing pattern mixing keeping in line with shapes that are still comfortable and familiar to Elvia. A pair of brown leopard print jean shorts and zebra-like pattern sheer top highlight her phenomenal legs and

Why Not Swim…

Charismatic and energetic are adjectives that describe Elvia. Fearless joy is her approach to life, which explains and gives sense to her road to racing triathlons: she wanted a reason to learn how to swim. Running was second nature to her, cycling came easy (it helps that her brother builds road bikes, Franco bikes) although swimming was a big challenge, and she wanted to conquer it. Elvia signed up for her first race, the Marco Island Sprint Tri in 2012, hired a swim coach and set on to train and

Inside/Outside the Box

The drive to test physical boundaries seems to be innate to each individual and its intensity varies according to the moment in time and the life situation. When Elvia discovered CrossFit almost a decade ago, little did she know it would eventually become an essential part of her life. Combining agility, endurance and strength each workout of the day reminds the athlete very important principles, not only to accomplish successfully the end of the training session but also life in general: persistence, team work and fearlessness in the face of

Let it flow

It took a lot of energy to write about myself. It is not easy to find comfort in vulnerability, and yet that’s where I seem to reconnect with my strength. Struggles and challenges through the years have taught me the power of releasing resistance and going with the flow in order to gain clarity and growth. Release and flow always comes naturally inside my closet. Style for me is a safe house. The creative process, the insight required to hone in on my feeling of the moment, what kind of

If you crash, get back on the saddle

Cycling has become a vital metaphor in the way I heal: Not all bike rides will be pleasant; the more I ride, the higher the chance of crashing. It is up to me whether to play it safe and not try anymore, or to “get back on the saddle” and go at it again. External forces can cause a crash, our own mistakes and choices can contribute. The results can be devastating and even life threatening. I opted to stay in a toxic relationship riddled with gaslighting, manipulation and narcissism

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