Because of the Art

Many assumptions surround the act of posing in front of a camera lens. Modeling is often seen as “a world” instead of one of many professions to choose from. Even though it responds to the basic variables of any other paid occupation: the balance and congruency of nurture and nature. The attributes and talents with which individuals are born and the effort invested in honing those birth-given skills.

What may cause the confusion is the public nature of the occupation, the pursuit of the beauty standard “du jour”. It is assumed that all models crave the limelight and notoriety. Sabrina Brunton is one of the exceptions. Half kiwi, half american, born in Nashville, TN, raised between New Zealand and Naples, FL; her physique is a blessing to yearn a modeling career.

Sabrina’s heart beams behind the scenes and her unique look and strength is immortalized through the lens . The oldest of three sisters, she has always had a passion for the artistic nature of the process of modeling: the makeup, the hair, fashion, lighting, optics. Key elements that come together; the model is the conduit of a fascinating artistic expression.

WhyStyle had the privilege to work with her while shooting the Gulfshore Life Magazine February cover. Witnessing the magic of how effortlessly we could transform her into many different personas to achieve our narrative. At the end of the shoot the most memorable attribute was her energy, her smile when the camera shutter wasn’t firing.

Humility and a smile are her tools in every professional shoot she has ever attended. Being herself is what gives her confidence. Sabrina’s goal when she enters a set is to be nice to all, gift her smile and hope that everyone has a good day. To her, all players are equally important to make a successful shoot; when in harmony everyone works better.

Sabrina Brunton, models because of the art, glows from within just because she is who she is.


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