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It’s time to tackle our Spring Cleaning and start updating our wardrobe for the hot days of summer ahead! There are some exciting new movements this season like the political upcycling of designers, bold new shapes in shorts and textures that will make Coachella blush… Have fun looking through my take on our trends for Spring and how we can mold our existing closets into some fresh new looks…  

Star Power

It is a wonderful honor to be in the presence of Courtney Armen. A self proclaimed quirky soul, she exudes magnetism, kindness and a lot of fun. A Naples resident for the last 12 years, Courtney grew up in Northern Virginia with a mother that would turn Christmas into a magical occasion. Whether they would decorate the tree while having a pizza party or sing carols in candle lights around the yule log, those are her favorite memories and traditions that still carries with her wherever she goes. The love