Comfortable in your Skin

Overcoming adversities, conquering fears. An outside that matches the inside is the result of constant insight and evolution for Sarah. It all began as an artistic expression and claiming a stake on her individuality; styling her own wardrobe took on an extra meaning when early in her teenage years she was told “People are going to judge you by how you look… so what do you want them to see?”

Taking the emotions out of the equation, and whether it’s politically correct or not, Sarah pondered that nugget of wisdom: It is a sign of the times, or maybe even a trade of our humanness. The implicit bias we carry is always there. What makes the difference is our awareness. We could choose to let that knowledge overpower us, dissuade us from putting ourselves out there for fear of judgement or being misunderstood… or, we could own it and use that knowledge to our advantage. How do I want them to see me?

Why Style? Because it’s a sign of a life lived, experiences that offered wisdom, knowledge that was appreciated, awareness that was gained throughout the years. The confidence to wear outfits outside of most people’s imaginations is not hap hazard. Having the ability to be perceived as an aesthetically pleasing composition doesn’t have much to do with the actual outfit, it has everything to do with who wears it and why! Sarah is a daring work of art.


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