Consuetudinal Style?

When it comes to cycling, Mike Egan is in his element. There are no seams in his outfit choices: he effortlessly looks the part without a doubt. “Think about it from this perspective, Pianists, they don’t think what to do with their fingers”. A “cool” looking cyclist is mainly focused on performance and how the kit will help in achieving an athletic goal, the “coolness” factor of the outfit is a by product.

Egan reminisces about his time spent with Coach Brian Walton. The broad spectrum of his teachings would even reach outfit choices on rides and training sessions. With the time spent on the saddle, and proportional to their abilities and determination, each athlete would rise up on the hierarchy of the group; newer riders would look up to the strongest and most experienced not only for bike skills knowledge, but also to take note of what they were wearing. Being strong on the bike gave plenty latitude to pull off any outfit choices.

Michael is among other things, a man of many memorable sound bits. In an attempt to go further in clarifying what he defines as the “hierarchy” even Brad Pitt came up in conversation as the one who can get away with anything. “You show what you know” Egan said, much like WhyStyle’s favorite motto: Style from within.

WhyStyle in his experience, was a way for him to accelerate his way up the hierarchy off the bike. The gap was bridged between his assertiveness on the bike and on his every day endeavors, noticed an increase in his confidence and a much better feeling about what he was wearing. In true pro athlete lingo he recounts “Because you dressed me I look like a Pro”.

Up next, Egan as a father…


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