Function. Fashion. Comfort.

When riding his bike Jameson finds it easy to figure out the appropriate gear to accomplish function, comfort and performance on the ride. As a result of that he becomes a trendsetter. In reality, he never sets out to be appropriately fashionable when riding. His look is a by product of becoming a better cyclist with every ride, understanding the function of the gear to achieve his fitness goals on the bike and knowing that the “kit” has to be comfortable in order to withstand the unavoidable discomfort of pushing his limits on the bike.

Every day fashion is no different. Living it, understanding it, making it your own have to be the main goals when achieving personal style. Before his interaction with WhyStyle, Jameson would apply some of the same principles when getting dressed for the bike on his every day life: need for comfort, functionality. Event based appropriateness was a challenge to figure out (his wife is instrumental in helping him navigate through). Fashion was a concept that seemed elusive to him.

A wife, two small children, a full time job that requires client interaction and some back of the house work. Social events with diverse groups. Appreciation for simplicity and minimalism; Jameson was only missing understanding the importance of the right fit. Once we offered him options in sizes and fits he had never tried before, seeing and feeling the results, just like on the bike, he was able to understand it and able to replicate it on his own.

A small adjustment made a huge difference in terms of style. On the other hand, his wardrobe continues to provide comfort and function for this busy and involved family man.

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