Inside/Outside the Box

The drive to test physical boundaries seems to be innate to each individual and its intensity varies according to the moment in time and the life situation. When Elvia discovered CrossFit almost a decade ago, little did she know it would eventually become an essential part of her life.

Combining agility, endurance and strength each workout of the day reminds the athlete very important principles, not only to accomplish successfully the end of the training session but also life in general: persistence, team work and fearlessness in the face of adversity and sometimes pain.

Elvia is no stranger to the process of restart, restore and renew. Every end brings a new beginning and along the way certain elements aid in the efforts to reorganize and reconstruct. Setting fitness goals that at times seem physically unattainable has become a great healing tool for her.

She holds CrossFit dear to her heart as it provides that space to test limits, conquer fear and feel the embrace of “her box”, the CrossFit community whom she refers to as family.

Elvia embodies the unsurmountable strength from within to overcome difficult life situations, and as it will become evident in upcoming posts, her smile is her best accessory. Smile on and push hard.


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