Intrinsic. Extrinsic

Mischievous smile, endless wit, tons of attitude on the bike. No one would ever know that by age twelve he dealt with three malignant tumors and a dire prognosis. Beat all odds only to go at it again in 2005, this time diagnosed with Lymphoma. “Tumors are my body’s way to push me around, doing triathlons is my way of pushing back”.

To train is to live for Mike Egan. As a cancer survivor and heart disease convalescent, staying fit is the best prophylactic to be able to identify early any life threatening symptoms. Consistently starting workouts at 5 am has a definite cocktail of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators: Love for the sport and desire to stay healthy for his family.

Strength from adversity, determination and dedication fueled by inspiring role models. After graduating college in ’99, and swimming competitively for the team, Mike’s weight ballooned by 50 pounds. He credits Tim DeBoom’s 2002 Kona IronMan win as the source of his resolve to qualify for the same race. 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a full marathon all in one day. He wanted to do it, made up his mind, did the training, overcame a cancer diagnosis and by October 2007 he was there, Kona-Hawaii Ironman.

Throughout this journey Mike was fortunate to come together with who he refers to as “his biggest fan and motivator,” his wife Alex. Together they raise a beautiful daughter, Campbell and are expecting another little girl this upcoming May. Alex, in Mike’s own words, gives his life meaning and fulfillment.

A natural progression of Egan’s passion for training was to co-found PainCave, a digital platform and source for indoor cycling workouts for all levels of riders. Hence his cycling kit choice, he manages the concept with his father and attributes the name to the many training hours he had to complete indoors during the cold winters in Philadelphia: nothing but a pain cave.

Style on the bike comes natural to Mike. Up next, translating the same confidence off the bike…


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