Let it flow

It took a lot of energy to write about myself. It is not easy to find comfort in vulnerability, and yet that’s where I seem to reconnect with my strength. Struggles and challenges through the years have taught me the power of releasing resistance and going with the flow in order to gain clarity and growth.

Release and flow always comes naturally inside my closet. Style for me is a safe house. The creative process, the insight required to hone in on my feeling of the moment, what kind of message do I want to convey, if any; all help in grounding and fast tracking me into my happy place.

Experimental style could be a phrase that best describes the way I choose what to wear. The shock value of my combinations is what I strive for: the more unexpected the better. Sometimes I nail it, sometimes I create a “faux pas”. Every single time I enjoy the process, ultimately that’s what makes me love the language of fashion.

Clothes have always been an important part of my life and at the same time when I experiment I always think: “who cares, it’s just clothes”. That’s my way of pushing myself out of the house with outlandish combinations and own them, have fun in them.

Why Style? Because life is too short to not let it flow and have fun, experiment. My language is fashion and I love to talk.


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