Melting Hearts

“She’s number 1…she’s my everything”. That was an answer to a rhetorical question. Doesn’t take more than a split second after meeting Mike Egan to realize that above all what he enjoys the most is being a father to Campbell. Expecting their second baby daughter in less than 5 weeks, he shares that his wish was granted with the news that Campbell was going to have a little sister.

Egan uses the imagery of buckets to describe his life’s compartments: Family, Triathlons and Work. “There is only so much water to fill them” explaining there’s a delicate art in keeping the levels balanced as it becomes dangerous when one of those becomes too important.

Family sits at the top his priority list always assessing other individual needs and making sure they are met so he can show up as a good husband and father. Health, fitness and work provide that counterbalance.

In his own words, being a father to a daughter is the greatest responsibility a man can have and not only he’s not backing down from the challenge, he’s excited. Filled with hopes and dreams for his daughters, Mike wants them to grow up knowing they can be and do anything they want. That their life choices will bring results and consequences, and in turn they provide meaning to their life. The goal is to teach them tools to be able to make their own choices and handle the results without ever feeling victimized.

Egan nurtures love and trust every day in his relationship with Campbell and pretty soon with her sister. Forget about triathlon stats and professional accolades, Mike wants to raise two strong and capable women and have that be his Legacy.


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