Mighty Power

Nurture versus nature. The desire to test our physical boundaries, is it innate or a consequence of our life experiences? This series of Human Stories has had the goal of uncovering what makes our subjects have the drive to exercise every day.

Trades of our personality play a role and so do obstacles we have had to overcome. Sarah LaMont is no exception. You have gotten to know her in previous posts. The force of nature, the creator and founder. It is time to unveil yet another side, the Muay Thai fighter.

That is Sarah’s workout of choice, and years ago she decided to test herself by signing up for a fight. She might have lost the “mano a mano” with the contender, but she gained much more in the process than she ever imagined.

Her drive was as series of unfortunate decisions one night back in college. She found herself threatened and unable to defend herself. At the end, the consequences were not as tragic as they could have been; although, the feeling of vulnerability and inability to care for herself haunted her for a few years.

Having tried different “techniques” to overcome that emotional state, her husband (boyfriend at that time) suggested she tried a class of Muay Thai. She barely survived 20 minutes of it even though she was already an accomplished athlete.

What she saw changed her life. Surrounded by skilled women who could neutralize the physical force of an opponent, male or female, Sarah felt the release and the sensation of a discipline that promised discovering her true inner strength and leaving those demons behind.

Petite, punch-packing bright smiled Sarah: the founder, the stylist, the kind fighter.


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