Star Power

It is a wonderful honor to be in the presence of Courtney Armen. A self proclaimed quirky soul, she exudes magnetism, kindness and a lot of fun. A Naples resident for the last 12 years, Courtney grew up in Northern Virginia with a mother that would turn Christmas into a magical occasion. Whether they would decorate the tree while having a pizza party or sing carols in candle lights around the yule log, those are her favorite memories and traditions that still carries with her wherever she goes.

The love for making a moment special helped her find her passion, the trade that would turn work into a fun task: Event planning. Throughout the years she has honed her skills at making social gatherings into an unforgettable experience.

Along the way she was introduced to the Wedding industry in Southwest Florida and her talent took flight becoming the magician behind Cocoluna Events. Months of planning and dreaming come together she says, giving her the sublime moment on the day of the event to look around and rejoice on the manifestation of her wildest dreams.

Courtney remembers that her favorite memory is the first time she was giving total creative freedom to design a wedding. Needless to say Cocoluna Events didn’t disappoint simply because Courtney understood the level of trust bestowed upon her and never once took it for granted.

In her intense career, clothes take a very important role. They must be comfortable, reflect her personality and withstand the demands of the job. Courtney aims to “feel free” to be herself every time she considers an outfit. For Why Style was an easy undertaking to facilitate her shine, introduce her to pieces she might have passed in the past and that now have become her own.

When the clothes reflect her personality she outpours her energy to those willing to receive it. Never miss a chance if you can…

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