Step Outside the Box

A self proclaimed tomboy, Elvia plays it safe when it comes to choosing an outfit, mainly in terms of colors and prints. She has no issue in accentuating her best physical attributes, result of her hard work and dedication to fitness.

The challenge becomes to step out of her monochromatic box. We pushed the envelope by introducing pattern mixing keeping in line with shapes that are still comfortable and familiar to Elvia.

A pair of brown leopard print jean shorts and zebra-like pattern sheer top highlight her phenomenal legs and fit upper body. Two completely different outcomes to the same outfit result by playing with the accessories. Keeping her well within he comfort zone with fashion sneakers and also nudging her into uncharted territory with bone leather booties.

The leather jacket a “must have” add on to complete a daring and edgy look fit for this multifaceted and fearless athlete. Because of her commitment to her athleticism it is not hard to find clothing that fits well her physique. Our goal was to showcase in her look what we see in her: Fearless, daring and badass.


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