Strong Legs. Kind Smile

Jameson Johnson, a name destined to be written about. In need of giving his life a much needed 180 degrees turn, he gave up his car and his phone for a period of time about twelve years ago. Running was his fitness of choice and his mountain bike the mode of transportation. This new routine inspired his desire to complete a Triathlon, which he did and decided to never do that again.

After sharing his fitness time between runs, swims and bike rides it became evident his happy place was on the road bike. Cycling provides Jameson peace and quiet and the ability to focus on one thing. He works out in the quest of sanity, serenity and why not, happiness.

The positive results of his dedication have made him that much more committed to achieving a life of balance, health and fitness. At the beginning of his cycling career he was a single man and the time commitment to the sport was significant. Now happily married and with two beautiful children, cycling has been rearranged in the priority list, becoming his much needed individual realm where he can go recharge to show up as a better person, good father and loving husband.

This post would not be complete without a commentary on his outfit choice. The kit he is wearing (appropriate term for the cycling gear worn by him on the picture) showcases his belonging to a cycling group in town, Naples Masters, organized by his dear friend Chris Wilcox.

Find the strong legs on the road anytime between 5 and 7 am. See the kind smile during the day at Food and Thought, a local business in town lucky to count him as a manager.

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