Melting Hearts

“She’s number 1…she’s my everything”. That was an answer to a rhetorical question. Doesn’t take more than a split second after meeting Mike Egan to realize that above all what he enjoys the most is being a father to Campbell. Expecting their second baby daughter in less than 5 weeks, he shares that his wish was granted with the news that Campbell was going to have a little sister. Egan uses the imagery of buckets to describe his life’s compartments: Family, Triathlons and Work. “There is only so much water

Consuetudinal Style?

When it comes to cycling, Mike Egan is in his element. There are no seams in his outfit choices: he effortlessly looks the part without a doubt. “Think about it from this perspective, Pianists, they don’t think what to do with their fingers”. A “cool” looking cyclist is mainly focused on performance and how the kit will help in achieving an athletic goal, the “coolness” factor of the outfit is a by product. Egan reminisces about his time spent with Coach Brian Walton. The broad spectrum of his teachings would

Intrinsic. Extrinsic

Mischievous smile, endless wit, tons of attitude on the bike. No one would ever know that by age twelve he dealt with three malignant tumors and a dire prognosis. Beat all odds only to go at it again in 2005, this time diagnosed with Lymphoma. “Tumors are my body’s way to push me around, doing triathlons is my way of pushing back”. To train is to live for Mike Egan. As a cancer survivor and heart disease convalescent, staying fit is the best prophylactic to be able to identify early

Comfortable in your Skin

Overcoming adversities, conquering fears. An outside that matches the inside is the result of constant insight and evolution for Sarah. It all began as an artistic expression and claiming a stake on her individuality; styling her own wardrobe took on an extra meaning when early in her teenage years she was told “People are going to judge you by how you look… so what do you want them to see?” Taking the emotions out of the equation, and whether it’s politically correct or not, Sarah pondered that nugget of wisdom:

Mighty Power

Nurture versus nature. The desire to test our physical boundaries, is it innate or a consequence of our life experiences? This series of Human Stories has had the goal of uncovering what makes our subjects have the drive to exercise every day. Trades of our personality play a role and so do obstacles we have had to overcome. Sarah LaMont is no exception. You have gotten to know her in previous posts. The force of nature, the creator and founder. It is time to unveil yet another side, the Muay

Uplifting Women

Why do we love to style people? Mainly because we get to nurture an incredibly intimate relationship and discover the marvels of human kind on the way. Jameson is no exception. Recognizing the differences between men and women, understanding the importance of that diversity is an attribute that unfortunately isn’t that common these days. Throughout our interaction it became evident that Jameson understands and lives by elevating and acknowledging the important role of the women in his life. “My wife means so much to me…the self-sacrifice of having a child

Function. Fashion. Comfort.

When riding his bike Jameson finds it easy to figure out the appropriate gear to accomplish function, comfort and performance on the ride. As a result of that he becomes a trendsetter. In reality, he never sets out to be appropriately fashionable when riding. His look is a by product of becoming a better cyclist with every ride, understanding the function of the gear to achieve his fitness goals on the bike and knowing that the “kit” has to be comfortable in order to withstand the unavoidable discomfort of pushing

Strong Legs. Kind Smile

Jameson Johnson, a name destined to be written about. In need of giving his life a much needed 180 degrees turn, he gave up his car and his phone for a period of time about twelve years ago. Running was his fitness of choice and his mountain bike the mode of transportation. This new routine inspired his desire to complete a Triathlon, which he did and decided to never do that again. After sharing his fitness time between runs, swims and bike rides it became evident his happy place was

Human Stories Series

Be prepared to be delighted by the stories of three wonderful subjects we have been inspired by in the recent months. Our stories will also be featured in an effort to explore more in depth what is it that makes us unique and contributes to develop our own sense of style. In this first installment we explore the drive to stay healthy and fit, as it reflects part of our own quest for the “Style from Within” philosophy. In our journey we unveiled more layers in each one of our

This is WhyStyle

Variety, diversity, strength, support. Carla and Sarah exemplify a cooperation of talents, a mutual admiration that yields magic in people’s closets and in cover of magazines. An image is worth more than a thousand words: look up, what do you see? That is us, WhyStyle.

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