May the Force be with You

Carla Delgado, Personal Stylist and Content Manager. The new addition to WhyStyle and beneficiary of the strength of Sarah’s immeasurable force. Sharing the same passion, determination and work ethics; complements the invigorating laughter with her zen-like soothing smile. The Goal is always to provide an easy and comfortable experience always at the top of her quality standards. Carla Delgado, Content Manager for WhyStyle.

Force of Nature

Sarah LaMont, The Founder of WhyStyle. Passion, determination and work ethics run through her veins. In only three years she has been able to build a business from the ground up, innovating the industry. Proposing something different, jumping into an abyss of unknown; sailing through victoriously and with an infectious smile that does more than just improve the moods of all around her, it invigorates them. Sarah LaMont, The Founder of WhyStyle.

Why Not try something new…

With the New Year comes new resolutions…we are working tirelessly to create a renewed experience for you. Good things are coming…stay tuned…

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