Uplifting Women

Why do we love to style people? Mainly because we get to nurture an incredibly intimate relationship and discover the marvels of human kind on the way. Jameson is no exception.

Recognizing the differences between men and women, understanding the importance of that diversity is an attribute that unfortunately isn’t that common these days. Throughout our interaction it became evident that Jameson understands and lives by elevating and acknowledging the important role of the women in his life.

“My wife means so much to me…the self-sacrifice of having a child and giving you a big piece of her freedom, sacrificing who she was for someone else…in turn I love and respect her more for it”. Their first born, Amelia, is being raised in that loving environment.

At her 5 years and three quarters, she commands the room anywhere she goes. “She has never met a stranger” is how her mom describes her among other attributes. An eloquent conversation, a bright smile and an out of this world magnetism that you can’t help but to comply.

Jameson makes sure to lead by example. He wishes for Amelia to know what’s right, have high standards for herself without compromise. The way he treats her and her mother will be in turn the example to follow to create her own boundaries of respect and never settle for less.

Everyone is born powerful. There would be no need to empower anyone at a later age as long as, along the way, the diverse essence of all would be celebrated instead of questioned. Style and wardrobe become ways to allow individualities to shine through. An intrinsic form of expression; a pleasant and yet unassailable way to nurture our strength.

Jameson and his wife uplift everyone around them. Specially their two children Amelia and Warren.


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