Why Not Swim…

Charismatic and energetic are adjectives that describe Elvia. Fearless joy is her approach to life, which explains and gives sense to her road to racing triathlons: she wanted a reason to learn how to swim. Running was second nature to her, cycling came easy (it helps that her brother builds road bikes, Franco bikes) although swimming was a big challenge, and she wanted to conquer it.

Elvia signed up for her first race, the Marco Island Sprint Tri in 2012, hired a swim coach and set on to train and learn to swim. It wasn’t easy, it didn’t look like it would workout. Just shy of a week out all the pieces came together in the pool and finally she could swim, for the first time in her life.

It’s been a tradition since; every year on her birthday she celebrates by participating and sharing her accomplishments with her fellow athletes. For Elvia more is always merrier when it comes to revering life through athletic accomplishments.

As if that wasn’t an unsurmountable effort already, thanks to her dynamism and love for goal setting and accomplishments and just shy of 7 years from the first time ever swimming a triathlon course, Elvia finished her first Half Ironman in Haines City, FL this past April, cementing the joie de vivre that characterizes her.

A force to be reckoned with paired with a megawatt smile, the kindest heart you will ever encounter on the road or in the water. Elvia encourages others as much as she pushes herself and that is why she can, every single time, overcome her fears and achieve what once seemed impossible.

Up next, WhyStyle collaborates and complements Elvia outside the race courses.


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